Worldly Wednesday: “Hang ‘Em High,” Jackie Mittoo



Jackie Mittoo was a baller keyboardist from Jamaica.  This is my favorite song of his, and has been on heavy rotation today, seeing how I need continuous energy injections for this last leg and the last leg of this trip.

Sort of apropos of this song, I want to call your attention to an interesting story going on this week.  In a suburb of Denver, Colorado, this week, a group of high school students staged a walkout to protest changes to how American history is taught.  The local school board had voted to turn the dial down on certain portions of American history that, according to the school board, “encourage or condone civil disorder.”  I think these students are gutsy heroes.  Civil (emphasis on civil) disobedience is one of the highest forms of patriotism because it shows you are actively engaging with your country.  To read more, go see the good people at the Christian Science Monitor.



2 thoughts on “Worldly Wednesday: “Hang ‘Em High,” Jackie Mittoo

  1. Jeff Merrick

    Wow, that is some Denver story. In the vein of “how dumb do they think we [or in this case, the Denver suburbs] are?” How bad must the lives of the school board members be that they would choose blandness over engagement?
    Cool cover of old Eastwood film song. Sounds much better.

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