Termagant Tuesday: “The Autumn Leaves,” Edith Piaf



Okay, I’ll admit, I don’t really like this song.  Like, at all.  I think it’s maudlin and stupid.  (Also, who ever gets sunburned hands?  Seriously?  Anyway.)  But – Edith Piaf could sing an economics textbook and make it riveting.  And, since it’s the first day of autumn here in the northern hemisphere, I kind of had no choice.  No!  Really!  I didn’t!  What else was I going to post?  “Autumn in New York?”  I’m not in New York.  “California Dreamin’?”  The singer is taking a walk in winter.  Really, my hands were tied.  Unless you know of alternatives?  Tell me you know of alternatives.


8 thoughts on “Termagant Tuesday: “The Autumn Leaves,” Edith Piaf

    • You know, funny you should say that – I started looking for a Sinatra version first. But then I remembered Edith and thought how unconscionable it was I hadn’t posted anything by her yet. So, Edith. I’ll have to post something else by her later.

      But yeah. Lugubrious is the word.

  1. I’m so sorry. I love Fiona Apple, but she’s so damn dark. And Miles Davis is, of course, incredible. But forgive me a tribute to the classic, crazy Savannah songwriter who wrote it in the first place. This is the only way I ever hear the song in my memory.

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