Worldly Wednesday: “Glasgow,” Shout Out Louds


Hej, Sverige!  It’s two-for-one day at The Daily Tune-Up!  This fun indie band is from Stockholm, Sweden, and the first half of this track has been going through my head all week.  I love the driving energy of this song, which makes it good for a mid-week pick, and also explains why it’s been in heavy rotation on my running playlist.  The lyrics are amusing, memorable, and fun to belt out when you’re commuting to and from work.  And it also sounds like a song that would be used in a slick TV ad to sell shoes or beer or cardigans or something – so now you can feel even cooler having heard it here first.  You’re welcome.

The second half of this track sounds like what the protagonist in the song would listen to the morning after the adventures in this song take place.  I really like it when artists complete the thought, as it were – when the music switches gears to give you a glimpse into the next part of the story the lyrics portrayed.  It’s like the end of the movie “The Graduate,” when the camera just keeps rolling after the young lovers made a break for it.  It sounds like real life.  There’s always a next stage.


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