Worldly Wednesday: “Nobel,” Touré Kunda


If you read the news yesterday, you probably saw the following stories:

– Half the population of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, have fled their homes.  North of Bangui, an armed Christian militia has surrounded the city of Bozoum, raising fears of a massacre of the city’s Muslim residents.  France and the African Union, with the help of U.S. military transport, has sent more than 5,000 troops to bolster an international peacekeeping mission, but so far, efforts have failed to stop the violence.

– An eight-hour firefight between government forces and the Mai Mai Kata Katanga in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, killed at least 26 people.  The Mai Mai Kata Katanga are fighting for independence.

– Nigerian gunmen stormed the city of Shonong, in Plateau state, killing at least 30.  Violence in Plateau has been going on for years, fueled by land disputes between Muslim Fulani herdsmen and mainly Christian Berom farmers.

– The government of South Sudan appears to be close to recapturing the city of Bor, but peace talks, being held in Ethiopia, continue without a breakthrough.

You know this song.  It’s a cover of Phil Collins by the Senegalese band, Touré Kunda.  Not to knock Phil Collins, but this version flat-out knocks the wind out of me.   It’ll leave it at that.


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