Termagant Tuesday: “Auld Lang Syne,” Dejan’s Olympia Brass Band


No sound makes a person happier than a jazz band from New Orleans.  Not the laugher of little children, not the soothing thrumming sound an ATM makes when it dispenses your money, not the person you’ve had your eye on saying “I’ve loved you for ages,” nothing.  Nada.  The big donut.  There is an absolute riot of fantastic Louisiana and other varieties of Dixieland jazz versions of Auld Lang Syne, and your Yankette struggled mightily over which one to pick.  I almost went with The Kings of Dixieland, because, well, they’re The Kings, but this version is so much rowdier and it sounds like they’re just having a ball.  So let’s join them (and their singing at 03:02), shall we?  Pop the champagne, crank up the volume, grab your someone, and take a spin around the room.  May you and yours have the very happiest of New Years, and may 2014 bring you everything you deserve.  WHO DAT!


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