Modernism Monday: “Simple Things,” Paolo Nutini


Oh, Monday.  Poor, maligned Monday.  It gets such a bad rap.  No matter how much you adore your job, sometimes the sound of the word Monday just makes you want to say “sod it all” and hide in the bathtub.  Especially difficult to stomach is the first Monday after Christmas.  Helpfully, delightful Scottish singer Paolo Nutini has written a song that puts the whole “work” jag in quite the healthy context.

Additionally appropriate for this specific Monday is the song’s self-determination theme that makes it a good one to listen to in these last days of 2013.  Remember those resolutions you made in 2012?  Any remaining that you can (or want to) accomplish in the next two days?  Anything about your life you’ll resolve to change in 2014?  (Editor’s note: HOLY CRAP 2014.  I feel so old.  It was fourteen years ago I rang in the 2000’s with champagne floats.  Never having a champagne float again has been a fantastically easy resolution to keep.)


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