I’m baaaaack… (also: Funk Friday: “I’m Afraid of Americans,” David Bowie)


Hello, friends!  It’s true – the rumors of this blog’s demise were premature.

I am back from my extended hiatus and THANK YOU for still hanging out while I was gone.  My trip to the store to get more ice took longer than I thought, but I came back, and the party is still going on in my house!  How cool is that!

Those of you who follow the news, or really wake up, exist, and go back to sleep at all, will probably agree with me that this has been a sucker punch of a week.  First, we lost David Bowie.  THEN, we lost Alan Rickman.  AND THEN, we had a GOP debate.  The only thing that’s been going through my head has been this song, from Bowie’s “Earthling” album, and it pretty well sums up all of my feelings about this whole stupid, awful, terrible week.  So sorry to deviate from the standard funky funk, but Bowie and Brian Eno nevertheless did come up with a pretty rockin’ beat.



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