Modernism Monday: “Listen to the Man,” George Ezra


Hi there, Yankette Nation! I’m back! I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. Life, you know. But so many of you lovely people wrote and asked “WTF – where did you go?” that I pushed life aside to write you all small, vaguely inane blog posts about small, vaguely inane songs.

This song is small but not inane. George Ezra is a new up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Britain who has been making quite a huge splash. I can’t decide what I like better: the song, or the video. You decide.


9 thoughts on “Modernism Monday: “Listen to the Man,” George Ezra

  1. Sue

    I can’t believe you’ve been gone so long! I kept checking old posts, thinking, “Surely that was LAST Friday,” but it never was. Don’t let me fall into that pitiful behavior again, please.

  2. Karl Mueller

    You’re back! Hooray! I’ve been checking just about every day during the long interregnum but this time I almost clicked right past out of habit, like the scene in Andromeda Strain where they finally spot the pathogen.

    And yes, the video. Please post more Ian McKellan videos. He lip syncs better than that kid does, though the song’s not bad.

  3. Oh my word! I’m finally catching up on past posts (you can’t blame me… you were gone for SO long yourself), and I LOVE this video! Just made my day. The song is super sweet and catchy, too. Great way to pick back up after your regretful time away from us. ❤

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