Modernism Monday: “Christopher Columbus,” David Polansky


Welp, this is “a whimsical song whose lyrics tout factual and near factual tidbits.”  So says Polansky, at least, and really, who am I to quibble.  Columbus Day is one of the many Mattress Holidays that we enjoy in this country (if you don’t know what a Mattress Holiday is, type it into the Search bar) and I treat it just about as reverently as it deserves, as does this song.


One thought on “Modernism Monday: “Christopher Columbus,” David Polansky

  1. Karl Mueller

    Fun fact: in 1492 everyone knew the world was round, and how big it was–except CC, who thought it was smaller and therefore that it would be easy to sail west to the Indies. He and his crew would have starved in the middle of the ocean if there hadn’t fortuitously turned out to be a continent there.

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