Termagant Tuesday: “Don’t Panic,” The Quintet of the Hot Club of San Francisco



So, get this, Tune Sharks.  I have to figure out how to pack for an almost three-week-long trip that will involve three stops, three states, three entirely different climates, two conferences, one week-long meeting, and…a rodeo.


Beyond that ridiculous question, how do I ready my house for that absence?  Do I really have to eat all of my yogurt?  How about my granola?  Do I have to Lysol my baseboards or can I just do my countertops?  What about moths?  What about the ghost who opens my cabinets – should I duct tape them closed?  Can ghosts peel off duct tape?  What about the slight gap between my air conditioner and the world outside?  Should I plug that with socks?  Will I have enough socks left over after I pack my rodeo socks?  Do I even own rodeo socks? What the hell are rodeo socks?  Do hotels have dry cleaning or will I have to bring every suit I own?  And when did I lose the international traveller part of myself for whom a 19-day trip would be child’s play?  But seriously – moths?



2 thoughts on “Termagant Tuesday: “Don’t Panic,” The Quintet of the Hot Club of San Francisco

  1. Karl Mueller

    Simple: Just pack clothes for the rodeo, and wear them to everything else you have to attend. If anyone asks you about this, tell them “I’m going to a rodeo right after this.” This will work in any setting, unless one of the events on your itinerary is a funeral in a blue state.

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