Termagant Tuesday: “Glow Worm,” The Mills Brothers


Okay, so, first of all, sorry this is so late.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you should know that I’m typing this with nine fingers.  No, not because I was born with a hideous deformity, but because my boyfriend throws frisbees at about 94 miles an hour and I caught it funny.  So my pinky finger is splinted.

Now that we’ve got the pity part out of the way – doesn’t it suck that summer is (apparently) officially over?  It sucks.  Notwithstanding the insane heat, blah blah blah, but man.  Summer nights.  What do we get with summer nights?  GOW WORMS!

Wait.  Dammit.  Nine fingers.  GLOW WORMS.  There we go.  Glow worms!  Fireflies!  I spent the long weekend at a cabin by a river and I saw plenty of little lightening bugs zooming around at night while my friends and I were out looking at the stars.  This seems an appropriate song to close out (more or less – don’t worry, it will still be hot in November, thanks global warming) the summer.

In addition to loving this song, I also love the Mills Brothers, so today, because of that, and because I am so horribly tardy (what did you find to listen to?!), have a two-fer.


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