Modernism Monday: “Dig Dig Daisy,” Daler Mehndi


Gosh, it’s just swell to be back in the office.  Can you guess my favorite part of being back from a long vacation?  Digging out my inbox.  It’s the greatest ever.  I came back to an inexplicably large three-figure number of emails.  It took more than an hour to sort, and then another hour to figure out what actually mattered and what didn’t.  I had to create an Outlook folder called, “New messages to deal with.”  I’m really not an important person at all – no one has to keep me in any loop of any kind – and yet, so many people did.  It mentioned my dismay to my Dad.  “Go go gadget tragic computer failure that erases your inbox,” he replied.  Genius idea.


2 thoughts on “Modernism Monday: “Dig Dig Daisy,” Daler Mehndi

  1. You can also go for email bankruptcy! It’s my favorite thing to do. I put everything in a folder in the archive and then just move on….It’s best done after dealing with the important stuff. I usually do it before vacation. 🙂

    Now, I need a bankruptcy tune, which doesn’t sound as fun as this.

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