Salubrious Saturday: “Tribute to Peadar O’Donnell/Takarasaka,” Jerry Douglas


I may or may not be obsessed with the show “Hell on Wheels,” and by may or may not I mean am. If you haven’t seen it, I urge you to clear your schedule, get some snacks, and hie thee to a Netflix account. It’s fantastic. The show follows the adventures of one Cullen Bohannon, a Civil War veteran on the Confederate side whose family was killed by Union soldiers. The show begins with him hunting them down and the plot hinges on what happens to him in their pursuit.

Plot plot plot blah blah blah. The music is awesome and is so successful at putting you in the time period that you hear twangy guitars after the show ends, and walk around with a pretend six-shooter on your right hip. Never mind that the life portrayed in the show is awful. You want to be Cullen Bohannon.

The song “Takarasaka” puts me in that frame of mind.


2 thoughts on “Salubrious Saturday: “Tribute to Peadar O’Donnell/Takarasaka,” Jerry Douglas

  1. Sue

    Your blog wouldn’t let me open this, so I proceeded directly to YouTube. I’ve loved this kind of music ever since Ken Burns’s Civil War series. I see a Netflix binge in our future.

    • Yes, I noticed that today (the no-work-on-blog trick). Damn. But glad you were able to hear it somehow, and *totally* agree on the Civil War binge. Also check out National Parks, too. Some great guitar music in that, as well. Oh, Ken Burns.

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