Throwback Thursday: “Fanfare for the Common Man,” Aaron Copland



No matter how many times you listen to this, it never fails to stir the blood.  It’s amazing how such a simple melody can have such power.  The tide is finally turning for some good friends of mine who have been a funk, so I send this out to them.

I also have to send this out to our boys in Brazil who play Germany today.  I’m fully versed in the esoteric soccer rules that render today’s game one of the many scenarios in which the U.S. team makes it into the group of 16, but still.  I can’t not post a piece rooting for a win.  To all of my German readers: Es tut mir leid, aber ich muss mein Land unterstützen. Sie haben ein außergewöhnliches Team und ich wünsche Ihnen viel Glück. Mögen die Besten gewinnen.


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