Modernism Monday: “Beautiful Place,” Rockapella



Happy Summer, Tune-Up fans!  Oh – yes, it’s true, I used to watch Carmen Sandiego.  And yes, it’s true, a lot of my early musical tastes were created in the forge of the Carmen Sandiego cassette tape.  It’s also true that this song always goes through my head every time summer rolls around and it’s just immorally hot in D.C.  (It may be steamy but it’s still – a beautiful place.  ((Doo doo doo n doo n dooooo…))

This song also reminds me of lying in my bunk at camp in Vermont and listening to this tape on loop for the entire time I was there.  One morning I woke up early and looked out the window and saw baby ducks walking down the dock.  That really has no bearing on this song, or really anything at all, but I got a sunburn on the hike yesterday, so I’m a little loopy.


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