Termagant Tuesday: “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” Sam Levine



The scene: City Tap House, Washington, D.C.

The people: Four female friends and your Yankette.

The motivation: US v. Ghana, i.e. Grudge Match 2014, i.e. the first game the U.S. is playing in this year’s World Cup.

Dempsey’s early goal set the mood.  Ghana’s late goal to tie the match set the bar into hyper drive.  Then when Brooks, a sub – a substitute (could this get any better?  Jesus, it was like Dan Gladden in the ’91 World Series) – scored the winning goal, I have never, ever heard cheering like that.  Portia overturned the popcorn.  Megan almost dropped her beer.  Anahi, Leila and I threw our arms around each other.  And the entire bar, in chorus: “USA!  USA!  USA!  USA!  USA!”

Do I think we’ll win the World Cup?  Who knows.  But that was a pretty beautiful moment.


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