Sacred Sunday: “Mountains,” Lonestar



Yeah.  This is bad.  This is really bad.  But hey, at least you can be sure, dear reader, that I am being totally honest with you on Shame Week.  I am not holding back.  This is probably in the top five of Worst Songs I Own.  And I own 33GB of music.  And that’s not counting the 150 CDs I haven’t loaded onto my computer yet.

I can’t even remember where or how I heard this song.  And I really don’t remember what it was about my life at the time that compelled me to hear it favorably.  The lyrics are terrible, the melody is prosaic, and the sentiment is nice but also totally mindless.  It’s like the musical version of McDonald’s – it’s technically food, but it’s so mass-produced it’s impossible to trace a single element back to an authentic source.  Lab meat, meet lab music.

Well there you go, Tune-Up fans.  I hope you enjoyed this walk of shame.  Please comment and share your more deeply loved and most shameful tunes you still put on the hi-fi now and again when no one’s around.  I promise I won’t tell.


One thought on “Sacred Sunday: “Mountains,” Lonestar

  1. Karl Mueller

    Yes, that is pretty awful. The absurdly literal stills in the video suit it well.

    I’ll check later and see what the most embarrassing album in my iTunes library is. I do know that it isn’t–because the LP is somewhere at my parents’ house–Hogan’s Heroes Sing the Best of World War II. I can’t find videos of it on line, but suffice it to say that “most embarrassing track” honors on it go to either Richard Dawson singing “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” or Larry Hovis doing “Lili Marlene.”

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