SHAME WEEK! Funk Friday: “Kalimba,” Mr Scruff



Mr Scruff is a legitimately good DJ.  This song is a pretty good song – maybe a little repetitive and pointless, but it’s got a good groove.  So what’s so embarrassing about this song?

Anyone reading this blog on a PC knows exactly why this song is so embarrassing.  It’s because this is one of three or four songs pre-loaded onto the Windows Media Player as sample pieces.  I don’t know why they did that.  All I know is that, one day, when I had to work at another facility and I didn’t have my own music with me, I hoped against hope there would be something already on the Windows machine I had to use – and, God bless America, there was.  I listened to this song on repeat for eight hours.

Eight.  Hours.

Stockholm syndrome is real, my friends.


2 thoughts on “SHAME WEEK! Funk Friday: “Kalimba,” Mr Scruff

  1. Karl Mueller

    That’s a wonderful story. After listening to this track for a couple of minutes imagining eight hours of it is like trying to picture what a trillion dollars means or how large Betelgeuse is. My puny human mind can’t handle the scale.

  2. I can tell you that after hour four, you start hearing hidden messages in the rhythms. It’s pretty bleak. But nothing to bleak as the morning after you spent $0.99 on a song you were almost forced to listen to on repeat for an entire work day. That was a dark morning in our nation’s capital.

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