Funk Friday: “Eyesight to the Blind,” Bad Influence



Okay – first of all?  I know the drummer.  That drummer is a friend of mine.  (And you, sir, are no drummer.)  That drummer is a total badass and just about the nicest person you’ll ever meet.  So, now you, by extension, know the drummer.  You see once again why reading this blog is a good idea.

And second of all, this band is seriously incredible.  How they manage to have a sound that’s tight and at the same time so gritty, I’ll never know.  I’ve been a blues band myself it’s hard to sound…right.  You don’t want to sound too polished because that’s inauthentic.  The blues is earth-bound and cracked and held together with tape.  But if you sound too sloppy, then you just sound like you suck.  Bad Influence does not suck.  Anyone who knows me knows that’s a pretty big compliment.  Rock on, gentlemen.  And all y’all who like these guys, go to for tour dates and other stuff.


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