Modernism Monday: “The Late Great Cassiopeia,” The Essex Green


Certain songs make you want to dance.  The smallest subset of those songs make you want to learn how to actually dance.  Then there’s the rest of the set of songs that make you just want to jump up and down and flail your arms around like a spaz in a bouncy castle.  This is such a song.  (And I am such a dancer, no matter what’s playing, so I appreciate this song all the more.)

The Essex Green is a zippy little indie band from Brooklyn (from whence hail many other indie bands, and much of the “indie” scene in general, although according to most hipsters I know, Brooklyn is “over”) that I discovered back in 2005.  They’ve been pretty consistently awesome since then, but this song always cheers me up.  Note, however, that it’s really hard to not want to clap along with the song so you might not want to listen to it while taking public transit.  Or, hey, do listen to it while taking public transit.  The Tune-Up is a judgment-free zone.

Lyrics below:

I was born today, a northern constellation
A minor where a major wants to be
I stacked my words, manufactured legend
And walked along the water in my sleep
Till the news spun circles and there I saw you
Wrapped up in a New York magazine
Was that the page that tells how I was fallen?
Well maybe that part is not worth mentioning
Now…what will they say?
Now…what can they do anyway, anyway?
So let me down slow, let me down real easy
Even giants have to watch how they decline
I’d wheelie in the sky or anything else, I promise
I will until the day that I die
I will until the day that I die
What will they say?
What’s the world, gonna do anyway, anyway?


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