Termagant Tuesday: “Dixieland Kickoff!” Pee Wee Hunt


Ok, so it’s possible – if you get your news from such godless rags as the National Inquirer or the London Review of Books – that you might have heard that I like college fight songs.  A lot.  And Dixieland jazz.  A whole lot.  So you can imagine that, when I found out that some enterprising jazz genius who shares one of my longest-held nicknames in life made an entire album of Dixieland jazz versions of college fight songs, I was a little excited.

Me, a little excited.

Me, a little excited.

I know, I know, it isn’t football season, but I mean come on.  What puts you in a happier mood than a jazzified version of a song celebrating a game that most closely approximates the culturally acceptable physical mauling of a human being in combat?  I know.  Nothing.  Nothing puts you in a happier mood.

Here are the fight songs in order:

  • Illinois Loyalty
  • Written by T. H. Guild
  • 0:00
  • Notre Dame Victory March [Note to Dad: You’re welcome.]
  • Written by John F. Shea, Rev. Michael J. Shea
  • 2:37
  • As The Backs Go Tearing By
  • Written by C. W. Blaisdell, Charles J. Roberts
  • 5:28
  • The Victors
  • Arranged by Bill Stegmeyer
  • 7:34
  • The U. Of M. Rouser
  • Arranged by Bill Stegmeyer
  • 10:12
  • Across The Field
  • Written by William A. Dougherty, Jr.
  • 12:22
  • Down The Field
  • Written by C. W. O’Conner, Stanleigh P. Friedman
  • 14:31
  • Iowa Corn Song
  • Written by Riley, Botsford, Hamilton, Lockard
  • 17:05
  • Fight On For U.S.C.
  • Written by Glen Grant, Milo Sweet
  • 19:12
  • Our Director
  • Arranged by Bill Stegmeyer
  • 21:50
  • The Princeton Cannon Song
  • Written by A. H. Osborn, J. F. Hewitt
  • 24:42
  • On Wisconsin
  • Written by Carl Beck, W. T. Purdy
  • 27:53

6 thoughts on “Termagant Tuesday: “Dixieland Kickoff!” Pee Wee Hunt

    • I will hear no besmirchment of mighty Notre Dame. But yeah I could do without USC. And would it have killed them to add the mighty Columbia Lions? What’s that? We don’t have a fight song because we suck? Oh yeah.

  1. PHEW. I’m glad I didn’t accidentally ruin your day. Though let me know if you have any particular hatred for a certain country now so I don’t post a piece from them tomorrow on Worldly Wednesday.

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