Salubrious Saturday: “Ghostwriter,” RJD2


I’m going to go out on a limb here with you good readers and suggest a hypothetical.  Press play on that video and come with me for a mental walk.

Your week was, shall we say, lame.  You didn’t get a whole ton of stuff done at work a) because your boss gave you weird tasks with non-deadline deadlines, and b) people kept stopping by your office every ten minutes to talk.  Because of the non-deadline deadlines (or NDDs), and the convivial bonhomie of your colleagues’ interruptions, you were in a good enough mood that you didn’t really fire up the ol’ engine but coasted in neutral, taking advantage of a rare bit of calm.  You got to work at a reasonable time, you left at a reasonable time.  It was all very…reasonable.

What did you do with your free time?  Well, in this rare moment of calm (or RMOC), you decided to indulge in your favorite suite of activities: a blended purée of Buzzfeed personality quizzes, reading a few more chapters of the six-pound historical fiction novel you (for some reason) decided to buy at one point, more Buzzfeed personality quizzes, an amusing animal meme or two that you dutifully posted to a friend’s Facebook page, looking at colors to paint your bedroom, and puttering around the kitchen considering why you have so many cookbooks when really all you eat is butternut squash ravioli and BabyBel cheese rounds.

Did you see friends?  Yeah, more or less, when you weren’t looking at photos of cats with melon rinds on their heads.  Did you exercise?  Well, you took the stairs and walked a lot.

So, to summarize: you worked an average amount, accomplished average tasks in an average way, and did average things in your average amount of free time.

And now, it’s Saturday, and what’s your overwhelming feeling?  “Aw the hell with this – average is the enemy of awesome.  I need to do something.”  And that, my friend, is what Saturday was made for.

If you pressed play when you started reading this then right…about……now those horns at 1:30 should have kicked in.  So kick yourself in the ass and get outside.  I’ll meet you there.


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