REMIX WEEK! Salubrious Saturday: “Ain’t That Good News,” Sam Cooke meets Les Paul and Jeff Beck


I absolutely like the original better than this version, but I have to testify to Paul’s and Beck’s smokin’ guitar work.  (And as my baby is in fact coming home tomorrow, I really had no choice but to post this song).  It gives an already rocking song a spicy southern, bluesy, rockabilly twang.  It also has a nice build-up.  But tinkering with Sam Cooke is the textbook example of gilding the lily.  The original is pure uncomplicated happiness – probably because the instrumentation doesn’t rely on so many dominant seventh chords (not sure what that means?  It’s the horn’s chord at 1:01 and 1:50, among other places.  More on this here) but allows Sam to go there with his own voice.  And those horns.  I mean, come on.  Without further ado, here is the man himself.


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