Salubrious Saturday: “Perpetuum Mobile,” Penguin Cafe Orchestra


This is one of my top twenty all-time favorite songs of any genre.  It’s got a wacky time-signature (7/8 – to 8/8? Is that right?), an upbeat and focused sound, and it sparks my imagination and lets it run riot.  I’ll be running riot around D.C. crossing errands off my to-do list today, so you can bet I’ll have this in the ‘phones.


2 thoughts on “Salubrious Saturday: “Perpetuum Mobile,” Penguin Cafe Orchestra

  1. Good call on the time signature: it is marked “7/8 + 8/8”

    I know this showed up in a commercial some years back, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was!

  2. You’re quite right – it was used in an HP commercial. I’m almost positive it was also in a New York Life ad many years ago, but the Internet can neither confirm nor deny.

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