Salubrious Saturday: “Old Friend,” Alexander


This song feels like an appropriate one with which to conclude Ukraine Week on The Daily Tune-Up.  We will return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, but please keep an eye trained on Ukraine.  Equally important: if you are fortunate enough to live in a country where you have freedoms of speech and assembly, exercise that right every day.  Vote.  Organize.  Protest.  Speak out.  Educate yourself.  Be an active citizen.  We insult those who don’t have these rights when we take them for granted.

Mr. Magoo, he took off with Betty,
And I’m on the porch carrying wood.
My heart is confetti.
I’m having a party,
I’m feeling good.

You say you’re comin’ to crush my skull,
To bash in my face, and shatter my frown,
To mingle my blood in with the ground,
All this as the sun was setting down.

Old friend, trying to hunt me down again
Old friend this is your exit, you’re no, no no friend

Who is this man, who’s afraid of death?
Who fears it so that death’s all he brings?
I s’pose he wage war till nothing is left,
With a mouth full of teeth and nothing to sing.

Well he put his hands around my neck,
And I s’pose I let him from natural respect.
As he frothed at the mouth, I twinkled my eye,
And gave him this vision just before I died.

He saw his lines drawn in the sand,
Upon a land of beauty and wind,
And he in the distance dragging a flag pole
Across a desert that never will end.

Old friend, trying to hunt me down again
Old friend this is your exit, you’re no no no friend


2 thoughts on “Salubrious Saturday: “Old Friend,” Alexander

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Jeff! Doing a theme week was a difficult but fun thing to do. I’ll probably do it again, so let me know if you have any theme suggestions!

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