Funk Friday, Part II: “(There’s A) Freeze On Funk,” Olympic Runners


OH SNAP!  Didn’t see that coming, did you, Tune-Up fans?  I had to split today into two parts.  Part One: Normal funk Friday to get you in the mood.  Part Two: Funk appropriate for the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies!  The only people I could call on to help us get down to the Sochi groove is, obviously, the Olympic Runners.  This song in particular is apropos – not only because it’s mind-bendingly cold in Sochi, but…how to put this delicately…Russia’s government has been an active participant in every aspect of planning for these winter games.  (See: euthanizing roaming packs of dogs, hotel rooms so unfinished the guests are bartering lightbulbs for door handles, the whole “there are no homosexuals in Sochi” thing, the list goes on.)  I for one am extremely curious to see how Russia will portray itself during the ceremonies tonight.  As a serious aside, let’s all toss in some good thoughts that things will stay safe and calm.


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