Salubrious Saturday: “Walking in the Sun,” Fink


You ever have those moments where you feel like you can look at yourself from a removed vantage point?  I had one of those moments not too long ago.  I was sitting in my office at work, and, all of a sudden and out of absolutely nowhere, I was able to look behind me (in my mind, of course) and see the path I’d walked on to get to where I was in that exact moment – doing what I was doing, wearing what I was wearing, all of it.  It was the strangest and most wonderful feeling.  I could see the places I had made an active decision, the places where an outside force had cleared a few feet of the path ahead, the places where I’d stumbled and made a slight course correction.  There were It made my life today seem both inevitable and accidental at the same time, in that everyone is a product of their own decisions but no one exists in a vacuum.  It was a beautiful moment.

That is what this song reminds me of.


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