Termagant Tuesday: “Booty Swing,” Parov Stelar


OK, Tune-Up fans, some of you purists might get a little shirty with me, but go with me on this – I promise it’s worth it.  Parov Stelar, aka Marcus Füreder, is a fantastic Austrian musician and DJ who creates seriously cool new jazz tunes through sampling portions of old ones.  The beginning of this song reminds me of “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” which inevitably steers the old brain-box towards Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, both staples of American culture and big figures in your Yankette’s childhood.  You will understand my unquenchable delight, therefore, when I found out that apparently someone had the exact same thought I did – and executed it brilliantly.  So, this Tuesday, you get a double-dose of fun by watching Fred and Ginger in the excellent movie, “Swing Time,” dance to a modern jazz track.  I know, right?!?


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