Funk Friday: “Stranger to my Happiness,” Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings


There are a few songs that you can honestly say are perfectly constructed.  This is one of them.  The interplay between the sax and the guitar is so incredibly fun I laughed out loud when I first heard it; the trumpet punctuates the melody at exactly the right time; and the tempo is just spot-on.  (Also – the visual difference between the ebullient back-up singers and the staid bass guitarist is pretty hilarious.)  And finally, there is the force of nature that is Sharon Jones singing the lyrics – Sharon Jones who is, by the way, battling cancer and winning.  What a boss.

The Yankette would like to dedicate this song to one of her best friends, Deputy Tar Heel, and owes her lovely friend Mr. Bloomingtonian a bourbon for sending this song her way in the first place.  Keep your ears open and happy Friday, y’all!


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