Salubrious Saturday: “Beggar in the Morning,” The Barr Brothers


Hi there, Tune-Up fans.  Yankette here.  It was an absolute monster of a week, with long, long days and very little sleep.  So I am doing as little as possible this weekend.  It’s cool and rainy here today so I am spending the day holed up in my apartment playing geeky board games in my PJs.  Then I’m going to a best friend’s house for dinner.  I may or may not be spending the rest of the weekend doing some combination of napping, staring off into space, and reading.  I’m only leaving the house if provoked.  Here is a nice, mellow song to accompany the nice, mellow activities you’ll be getting up to this weekend.  “I think I’ve come a long, long way to sit before you here today.”


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